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Private Pilot Licence Training (PPL)

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This license is recognised worldwide and is the most common license people get. It entitles the holder to fly single engine aircraft as Pilot in Command in non-commercial operations on aeroplanes in the UK, and Europe.

The minimum hours required to gain your Private Pilot Licence consists of a minimum 45 hours flight training, which includes a minimum of 25 hours dual instruction and 10 hours solo flying. Within in the 10 hours of supervised solo flying, you will need at least 5 hours of solo cross country flight time and complete a cross country flight of at least 270 km (150 NM) with 2 full stop landings at 2 aerodromes different from the departure aerodrome.

The hours stated are minimums set down by the Civil Aviation Authority. In practice, the hours taken to gain sufficient competence frequently exceed the minimum. National averages are between 55 to 65 hours.

The minimum age for starting the course is 14 years, you cannot fly solo until the age of 16, and the minimum age for the issue of the PPL is 17.

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Flight Exercises & Exams

You will need a Part MED Class 2 Medical Certificate or higher medical which is obtained from a CAA certified AME, (Aeronautical Medical Examiner). For private pilots a class 2 will suffice but it you want to go on to commercial then it’s best to get a Class 1 straight away to be sure. This will revert to a class two on expiry but can be reinstated whenever you are ready to start a commercial flying course.

There are 19 flight exercises and you will need be able to demonstrate proficiency in all of them before being put forward for your skill test. You must also have passed the nine written exams plus the practical radio telephony exam.

The 9 exam subjects are: Aviation Law, Operational Procedures, Meteorology, Navigation, Aircraft Technical, Principles of Flight, Flight Planning & Performance, Human Performance and Communications.

Each exam consists of between 16 and 20 multiple choice questions, with a pass mark of 75%.  You will need to be prepared for some self study but we can help you with extra ground school for your exams if required.  The PPL exams are now done online through the CAA portal, this will all be explained by your instructor.

Once you have completed all of the above you are ready for your skills test.

Once you have gained you PPL you can use it anywhere in the world, in daylight hours and reasonable weather conditions. These restrictions can be removed by completing a night qualification or an IR(R) instrument rating.

For more information on the requirements visit the CAA website: Private Pilot Licence for aeroplanes | UK Civil Aviation Authority (

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